Rachel Serban Spa and Wellbeing

Indian Head Massage

‘Shake It Off’ 40 mins for £45

A powerful 40 min Indian Head Massage, to help clear daily stress and neck tension.

Alleviates  mild dull headaches & heaviness particularly from the back of the head and neck area.

Helps release discomfort brought on by being on your gadgets too long and poor posture for long periods of time.

‘Shake it Off ‘ is a fantastic weekly treatment to clear brain fog & bring clarity to your day.

Suitable for people who live on earth 

Oil in hair optional

Indian Head Massage

‘The Tranquil Mind‘ 50 mins for £55

An inspired treatment designed to help awaken the cosmic spark within. Allowing you to disconnect from outside environments and your busy chatty mind. 

Breathe and enjoy this beautiful self care therapy through gentle Indian Head Massage focusing on clearing the energy centres (marma points ), on the head and face. The Kansa wand is used throughout this treatment for deep relaxation and balance.

Balancing energy, according to Ayurvedic principles , the kansa wand is believed to balance the doshas (energies) in the body, helping to restore harmony and promote overall wellbeing.

Allowing space for a tranquil mind encourages inner balance and more joy. Recognise you again and align with your inner joy.

‘Float on a Cloud‘ 60 mins for £65

This treatment offers you the chance to fully let go, relax any tension from the head, neck and shoulders, calming irritated nerves in the upper back.

A full calm and clear facial including using the kansa wand for balancing the body’s energy, known as doshas and creating a calming effect, Gua sha and rose quartz rollers are also used within the facial.

The benefits  of these are to promote lymphatic drainage through gentle scraping motion of the gua sha. This can help blood flow which can improve oxygen and nutrients to the skin. 

This therapy treatment allows your whole body & mind to relax and regain a zen-like state from lightness of energy.

An essential self care therapy to help ease you through our ever changing world.
Organic oils used on the head & award winning vegan and organic skincare used on your face .
Suitable for all
Herbal tea served 
A therapy for your soul