Rachel Serban Spa and Wellbeing

Wellness Package 2 hours for £121

Through my extensive range of all things natural and my own inner and outer healing journey, including which skincare to use, what we eat to the supplements & herbal helpers we take. I offer for those whom require a longer treatment time to go over any concerns about lifestyle choices, involving tweaking what you eat or take on a daily basis.
Sometimes life gets so busy that keeping an eye on what’s what and having the time  to research ways  to improve can be a confusing minefield in itself.
There are many practical ways to help shift how we feel, our racing minds, how the body looks & feels. From understanding our emotions and ways to balance ourselves. We can have a look at the things niggling you the most, and come up with a plan to get you back to your centre and in control.
These are bespoke sessions, personally tailored for you. Over the years I have helped many people identify their own inner blocks that stop them from living a joyful life.
With a little support it’s easy to get back on track and feel great again, especially when we let go.
Theses wellness packages usually last for 2 hours & include a 60 min treatment
Herbal tea served
Wellness Packages