Rachel Serban Spa and Wellbeing

Holistic Facials

Rachel’s Signature Facial £70 for 75 mins

My signature facial uses a combination of ancient Ayurvedic beauty tools to help heal and clear the energy centre’s on the face, clear the skin and tissue, all combined help to balance the inner systems and leave you feeling glowing and joyful. Complemented with the incredible Face gym, EMS current technology which contours and conditions the  skin.

Custom to your skin’s needs that day and emphasis on anti-ageing & rejuvination. A blissful facial packed with gorgeous organic skin care products for beautiful skin.

Masks to lift and brighten or deep hydration used, with a gentle arm and hand massage for you to enjoy.

Suitable for all

Herbal tea is served 

Lifestyle tips shared


The Lunchtime Lift & Glow £45 for 40 mins

In need of a skin boost, and not much spare time?

Reclaim your lunch break with this vibrant 40 min facial.

Within this facial I use powerful water activated cleansers + facial cleansing oils to help reveal radiant and revitalised skin .

Face gym for contouring and conditioning the skin, Gua sha for aiding lymphatic drainage and increasing blood flow which increases oxygen levels in your skin.

This energetic facial can make you feel that you have new super powers to hand and have you ready to conquer your afternoon.

Eye makeup removal optional

Available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

This can be modified without Face gym for pregnant ladies 

Suitable for all